Why join us?

  • Be up-to date via specific newsletter and access the preliminary CHEK results, with the possibility of testing and using them within your own organization;
  • Guiding the CHEK developments with your feedbacks and suggestions in a way that final solutions will be suitable for you to reuse them for your own developments;
  • Help achieving the highest level of scalability as possible for CHEK solutions;
  • Your name and/or institution (if you agree and would like to) will be listed in the CHEK website and in the deliverables acknowledgements.

Take the opportunity to guide the CHEK developments

Four municipalities are partners in our 3-years project (two in Portugal, one in Italy and one in Czech Republic). To assure scalability to other countries and cities, we are looking for cities and municipalities, as well as other stakeholders (designers, construction companies) who would like to take part in our Community of Practice (CoP).


Comune Di Ascoli Piceno (Partner of the CHEK Project)

Register of Engineers Brescia


Andrea Castiglioni

Municipality of Iseo


Camara Municipal de Lisboa (Partner of the CHEK Project)

Gaiurb – Urbanismo e Habitacao EM (Partner of the CHEK Project)


Municipality of Arouca

Municipality of Santo Tirso

Câmara Municipal de Leiria

Czech Republic

Institut Planovani a Rozvoje
Hlavniho Mesta Prahy (Partner of the CHEK Project)


Municipality of Rotterdam

Municipality of Amersfoort


Municipality of Den Haag

Avento Group B.V.




City of Rostock




Urban Development Company of the State of Bahia (CONDER)


Stadt Wien


In meetings (2 per year) and a number of dedicated interviews and mail campaigns, the CoP will be consulted about several developments in the project such as the selection of regulations to be digitally transferred, the data to be submitted as part of the digital building process, the code-checking solutions etc. This will assure that the developed solutions will also align to and support the practices of these organizations.

Detailed description of participation

Join the CHEK Community of Practice

If you are interested in participating in the CoP, please complete the form and we will contact you.

If you have any questions, contact Francesca Noardo (fnoardo@ogc.org) or Jantien Stoter (j.e.stoter@tudelft.nl)

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